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Building Automation Systems

By partnering with Schneider Electric Building Management Systems, we are able to offer you a complete line of controls products, including three distinct Building Automation Systems: SmartStruxure, TAC I/A Series and Network 8000.


Network 8000

Network 8000, ComputersThis product line is now a legacy system that has been the backbone of many of our controls strategies. Consisting of MicroZone II Area Controllers, Global Control Modules, MicroNet 2000 VAV and Zone Controllers, and MicroFlo II VAV Controllers, the Network 8000 has been a proven system with thousands of successful installations.

The SIGNAL Graphical User Interface software is your interface to the Network 8000. The InVue user interface product was also available for use with Network 8000, allowing for future integration with new systems such as our SmartStruxure or TAC I/A Series.

Network 8000 is a 5th Generation Facility Management System, that provided a full range of control applications from mechanical room equipment and central station air handling units to heat pumps, packaged units, and VAV boxes.

Contact us to find out more about several cost effective ways to upgrade your building while using your existing Network 8000 infrastructure. Transitioning from Network 8000 to a SmartStruxure system allows for the preservation of owners existing investment while getting the benefits of a industry leading building management system.